About Us

We are Iowa's Soul Food Restaurant.

Soulfood is more than just southern cuisine. Though the origins of are deeply rooted below the Mason Dixon Line, soulfood transcends geography, culture and religion. Soulfood is more than just comfort food, it reminds you of the people you love and the good times you had with them. Soul food connects your head with your heart.

This is why Carol “Sweetiepie” Cater-Simmons created her North Liberty Restaurant called Sugapeach. Sounds familiar? This is because it is the best of Oak Hill-Jackson based Sweetiepie’s Chicken and Fish Fry and Newbo City Market's Iowa Soul Food Market both developed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sugapeach will put a smile on the face of passionate fried chicken and fish connoisseurs. We also have non-fried options that you will enjoy just as much. Our southern style cuisine is something the whole family will love. 

Come in and see what everyone is talking about!